Kuilin Li
BiggerFish TF2 Items Scanner

BiggerFish is a revolutionary new TF2 items scanner, used to obtain the backpacks of everyone in the server that you are on and then search them for items for sharking.
It is modelled (slightly) off of Jessecar's TF2ItemsScanner, which has been depreciated and is no longer useable.

Thorough instructions on how to use BiggerFish can be found on the first screen BiggerFish works primarily by manipulating a Steam browser, specifically in the link http://steamcommunity.com/my/friends/players, which shows the people whom you are playing with Very flexible scan settings, including per-item qualities, global (search-all) qualities, and even support for glitched items, which are worth a lot, like Normal items Using multi-threading, the Results screen is very smooth, and does not freeze while scanning Buttons to their backpack, Steam profile, and even a direct add-to-friends button, all for your sharking convenience